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How to check good quality garments?

by SEO Team 28 Jan 2022

A garment that comes apart after a few years is the worst thing that can happen to you after you pay for it. There are a few easy methods to tell if your wardrobe items are well-made or flimsy, and they should last you more than one season.

How to check good quality garments?

To ensure that your clothing is long-lasting and durable, here are some recommendations on verifying the quality of your items.

The material is impenetrable

Sheerness is usually an indication that will quickly discard a piece of clothing, which might be a gift on a hot day. As a result, it is more susceptible to tearing and has less fiber. A decent grade silk undergarment should not show through at all despite its pricey nature. You can tell if a garment is more durable if you can't see your hand through the material when holding it up to the light.

When you pull on the seams, there are no visible holes

high quality apparel at a reasonable price | Tempo GarmentsStronger seams are typically achieved by using more frequent, tighter stitches. Loose stitches spaced too widely apart, on the other hand, can weaken and tear a seam. The garment may have been poorly made. A seam can be seen through to the opposite side when you pull on it. Clothes meant to last should have tighter, more robust stitching that leaves no visible holes.

At the seams, the design of the cloth matches

The seams are a good place to check for pattern matching when evaluating the quality of patterned apparel. If the pattern on a shirt pocket doesn't match the fabric on the shirt front, that's another way to tell if the shirt is authentic. Producers of poor-quality apparel sometimes skip this procedure because it requires more time and resources. While mismatched stripes are unlikely to cause an item of clothing to wear out before its time, it could be a clue that the clothing maker has slashed corners elsewhere. This indicates a higher quality product if the designs on a garment match.

A finished hem stitches down all the way

strong stitches | Tempo Garments

Hems that have not been sewed or "finished" with extra fabric are more prone to unravel or appear sloppy in clothing that has "raw" or unfinished hems. The hems of pants and skirts are frequently left undone by fast fashion producers, wasting time and resources. The hem of a garment is more likely to last if it seems to be folded over and sewed.

There are no visible zippers

Snags and splits should be minimized in clothing that is meant to last. Altitude Blog claims that zippers exposed to the elements are more likely to catch on fabric or become blocked with debris. Manufacturers often use exposed zippers because they are less expensive and easier to work with. Still, high-quality clothing is more likely to have zippers protected by fabric plackets. In addition, it provides the garment with a more polished and seamless appearance as a result.

Once it's been stretched, your clothes hold their shape

Even if the fabric isn't stretchy, it shouldn't lose its elasticity after a solid tug. The fibers in high-quality clothes have good "recovery," meaning they return to their original shape after being stretched. Dresses intended to have a structured appearance or be worn near the skin need this feature. Pull a small section of material between your fingers to see if it recovers its shape.

There is extra buttons and thread in your garment

This is a positive sign that the producer intends the garment to last for a long time because it comes with a bag of extra buttons and a small amount of replacement thread. The inclusion of these repair products helps customers maintain their investment in high-quality clothes, which are often more expensive than cheaper alternatives.

Everything is sewn together, not glued

To save money and boost production, clothing manufacturers use glue instead of sewing to attach fabric or leather panels. The adhesive should not be seen in high-quality clothing or footwear, especially leather joins leather. Tight, strong stitches should hold together long-lasting clothing instead of sticky.

Online and in-person clothing businesses worldwide can be found in the vast marketplaces of both online and physical commerce. However, most merchants and manufacturers can establish worth for their products and services by getting access to their clients' hearts, capturing their devotion, and pursuing its achievement, but some act in opposition and cease conforming to the realities of survival.

We regard our dogmas as a lime-spot line that distinguishes our apparel brand from others by recognizing our clients' fundamental yearning to be able to feel their goods in their hands. Tempo Garments' mission is to provide our customers with high-quality apparel at a reasonable price. Thank you to everyone who has helped Tempo Garments become a well-known garment store and a successful online undergarments store in Pakistan.

Quality is more important than quantity for us, but that doesn't mean you won't find something you like among the goods we preserve. As a result, we have hundreds of stunning outfits in various styles, materials, and colors available for our consumers. As a company, we don't just follow the latest fashions blindly, neglecting to consider things like fabric and construction.

At Tempo Garments, we respect quality above all else, which is why we provide our customers with the most delicate items we have in our inventory. On most occasions, Tempo Garments has the most profitable sales in kids range, women’s undergarments, and men's garments.

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